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  Twinings Green Tea  


Taste and Character

A little more pan firing compared to the classic Twinings blend; this tea creates a more subtle grassy taste. Its smooth, mellow flavour makes it light and delicate....

You may have heard that drinking green tea could be good for your health! Twinings® Green Tea is also good for your taste buds! Unlike some other green teas, this finest quality blend tastes smooth from first sip to last swallow. Its fresh, delicate flavour invigorates. Green tea leafs come from the same plant as traditional black tea, but are quickly dried to preserve their vibrant color and natural antioxidants and the Twinings version is a worldwide classic.

Coffee Machines/Brewers
K-CUP® Pods are for use with the K140 and K150P Keurig® Single Serve Brewers. They are simple to use, with no mess. Each pod contains enough tea to produce a travel mug sized drink - almost twice the amount in competing pods. K-Cup® pods are the leading pod-based coffee in North America.

K-Cup's® in each box
24 pods per box

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